Best Ways To Store Your Garden Tools Safely

It’s the time of year to go outside and get some yard and garden projects started. However, keeping the tools in your garage or shed organized can be very challenging. You may have a lot of small and dangerous items that are spread all over the place and not easily accessible. Fortunately, there are some options for keeping your garden tools safely stored.

Choose the Best Spot

You can designate areas in your shed or garage to store all of your garden tools. Knowing which corner of your storage area to look for your tools is helpful when you have everything together to get the job done. Keep each type of rake in one spot, your small power tools in another, and so on. Create a labeling system that makes it easy to quickly identify which tools are where. It would be inefficient to store like items in separate locations, thus wasting time searching. 

Keep It Together in Drawers

Consider getting heavy metal drawers or plastic bins to store your smaller tools. You can label the outside so that you can easily access them without wasting time rummaging through all of the drawers. Also, they can be safely stored where they’re not going to fall, drop, or break. It’s also less likely that you can get poked by a weed extractor or trowel. When you are finished for the day, you are going to have to make a point of putting the correct tool into the proper drawer or container. It will be frustrating the next time that you need to use it if was not put back in the right place. This system will only work if you follow along and do not place your tools wherever it is convenient for you at the moment.

Hang Them Up

A pegboard system is an excellent method to store your smaller tools. After you install and secure the board, you can hang your smaller tools on the adjustable pegs. This way, the tools that you will need will be easy to spot from a distance in your shed or garage. Just make sure that the tool is not too heavy to hang on a higher peg. Also, try not to hang too many tools in a single space. It may be tempting to hang a reaper or spools of wire on top of your other tools because they are thin. It will take time to remove that extra tool to get a garden claw. Even worse, the other tools may fall, and you will have an additional mess to clean up.

Ready for Work

You can store your frequently used tools in your favorite toolbox or in a work bag. This way, you can easily take the bag to work on your yard project immediately and have everything that you need. This also secures these smaller tools from getting damaged or being lost outside. Take advantage of all of the pockets, but make sure that your tools will be properly stored without the risk of damage or falling out.

Keep Your Blades Sharp

When it comes to storing blades such as saws, box cutters, and chisels, make sure to keep them clean and covered. It is quite dangerous to handle blades that are uncovered because you can get cut or injured. Getting injured is not a great way to start a project. Therefore, make sure you keep any sleeves or covers that are included with the blades. Otherwise, you can look into purchasing additional covers or containers.

Heavy Duty Tool Boxes 

If you do not have shelving already installed in your shed or garage, you can look into buying a tool cabinet system. A heavy-duty workbench with drawers is ideal for safely
storing lots of small tools and parts. They have built-in, pull-out drawers and storage space. You can even lock your cabinet with a padlock to ensure that your favorite garden tools will not disappear. It is also an excellent way to keep dangerous tools from children who do not yet know how to properly use them and could get hurt. Safety is a priority when working with garden tools, which needs to be kept in mind when storing them after your outdoor project is finished. 

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