Organic Gardening Tools and Techniques

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Organic gardening can be very rewarding, especially when you get to taste the fruits of your labor. While organic gardening gives you the opportunity to have healthy, chemical-free fruits and vegetables, there are some issues to deal with. Dealing with weeds, fertilizers, and bugs are all different when gardening organically. Here are some great tips and tricks!


There are several ways to deal with weeds. First, do not let them go to seed. Make sure you pull them up as soon as possible so they cannot proliferate. Also, avoid plowing deeply so as not to bring up deeply buried seeds. Seeds can only grow in the first couple of inches of dirt, so if you dig too far down you can bring weed seeds up to where they can grow. Using mulch can also help reduce weeds.

You can also make an organic herbicide with coconut oil and regular oil. Mix equal parts of the oil together, then heat to melt the coconut oil. Afterward, pour into a bottle and completely soak weed plants for two weeks to kill them off.


There are many excellent fertilizers to choose from. Mushroom fertilizer is one of the best choices. Of course, you can always create your own compost pile to have a constant source for organic fertilizer that is excellent for your garden. Chicken manure, or any type of animal manure, is also an excellent choice for your organic garden. If using manure, make sure it has been properly aged. Using manure that has not been aged properly will add too much nitrogen to your soil and will burn your plants.

In order to help your fertilizer spread out better, you can use coconut oil. Coconut oil will not only add some great nutrients to your fertilizer, but it will help it to spread into your soil better, making a more even distribution.


Bugs can also be an issue when gardening organically. One option is to fight bugs with bugs. Introducing praying mantis’, ladybugs or green lacewings can reduce the pests that eat your plants. There are also several organic bug control options such as neem, pyrethrum, ryania, and sabadilla. There are also several organic options on the market to try.

Organic gardening can be easy if you use these tips and tricks. There are so many options to make your gardening experience excellent while still growing healthy, nutritious, chemical-free foods.


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