Gardener's Paradise: Features To Consider When Buying a Home With a Garden

It is wonderful to have a garden to grow vegetables, flowers, and fruits, but when you are looking for a home, you need to find a property that has more specific features. Here are some of the things that gardeners suggest that you have so that you can have an attractive garden at your new home.

Gardening Essential 1: How Can You Budget for a Dream Garden?

It might seem counterintuitive, but when looking for a new home that will hold your dream garden, prioritize the land first. Even if the home you buy is not the paradise you were hoping for initially, your home can be transformed over time with the right tools, effort, and funding; but if you buy a property that doesn’t have adequate land or yard space, you can’t build your dream garden. Unfortunately, land can be expensive (depending on where you are buying a property). Financing options like loans and other housing programs might be able to help you afford the home and land that you’ve been dreaming of.

Gardening Essential 2: Is There Good Soil for Planting a Garden?

While you are shopping for a new home, you must consider the soil on the property when you want to have a garden. If you are a knowledgeable gardener, start by looking at and touching the soil. Try to determine if it is rich enough for planting seeds or seedlings. When you are a novice gardener, take a small sample of soil to a gardening store for analysis. Make sure your soil is well tilled and prepared to receive seeds before planting.

Gardening Essential 3: Does the Property Have a Fence?

By having a fence around your property, you can protect your garden from wildlife that will damage the plants. Vinyl fences are easy to install and require very little maintenance. They will keep animals and other unwanted visitors out of your garden, while providing an attractive fencing option. A sturdy fence can also keep vandals from destroying your garden.

Gardening Essential 4: Is There an Irrigation System?

If you can find a home that has an outdoor irrigation system, then you will enjoy having fast access to water for your garden. You won't need to stand outside for hours with a garden hose or carry huge buckets of water to the garden. Irrigation systems are expensive devices, and the installation process is invasive or time-consuming, so you should look for a home that has an irrigation system.

Gardening Essential 5: Does the Property Have a Garden Shed?

When you have a garden, you will need a place to store your gardening tools. Finding a home that already has a garden shed will make your life much easier because you will already have a place to store large pieces of equipment along with small tools. If the property doesn’t have a garden shed, then make sure that there is a place where you can build one.

Gardening Essential 6: Does the Current Homeowner Have a Compost Pile?

If the current homeowner has a compost pile, then you have easy access to fertilizer for your garden. Many gardeners create compost piles in their backyards or gardening areas so that they don’t need to spend a lot of money on bags of fertilizer. It can take several months for kitchen scraps and other degradable items to decompose to create a compost pile, so if you have one already, then you can continue to add garbage to the compost pile.

Gardening Essential 7: How Do You Find the Perfect Property?

It's clear that there are many factors to look for when buying a garden-friendly home. Because there are so many factors to consider, you may find it helpful to work directly with a real estate agent. While there are many benefits to working with an agent, the primary benefit is that they know the market and can really help you find the perfect property for your gardening needs.

Are There Additional Gardening Items Available? 

If the home you are looking at has additional gardening items such as trellises or planters, then you are going to have a great place to begin planting without needing to install these things on your own. If you're passionate about gardening, then finding these home features will be worth the effort.

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