Why Buy More Potting Soil? Rejuvenate Last Years

Can this topic honestly can be confusing? I will take a culmination of a few I read and add something I do. Your container veggie garden did fabulous last year, and you are jazzed up to start the season healthy.  You wonder, should I throw out my old soil and start with new?  I’d recommend to re-vitalize it! After you have allowed your plant to grow in its potting soil for a year or two, I try to do this every year; you may want to rejuvenate the soil. This will add back nutrients that have been depleted over the years. This is a great way to recycle the soil you already have. Of course, if any of the plants that you were growing were infected with insects or any disease, you will have to get rid of the potting soil to avoid
contaminating any new plants.

Put on a pair of garden gloves and remove any plants from your potting soil.

Lay a tarp outside and dump the contents of your flower pots in the middle of the tarp. Run your hands through the old potting soil and remove any plant roots, pieces of plant or stones. Crush up any soil clumps.

Weigh or eyeball how much old potting soil you have. Figure out what half of that is and add that much compost to the pile. You will end up with a ratio of 2:1 (old potting soil to compost). The compost will add new nutrients to your old soil. I have saved coffee grounds and eggshells all winter long so I add 10% off these ingredients to the pile.

Homemade Organic Fertilizer Recipe
To make your own balanced all natural fertilizer:

1/3 cup of green sand (potash and minerals)
1/3 cup of rock phosphate or bone meal (phosphorous and minerals)
1/3 cup of alfalfa or soybean meal (nitrogen)
1 tbsp Azomite (70 minerals and trace elements)

Add 25 percent of either peat moss or perlite to your old soil. This will keep your old potting soil draining well.

Use a shovel to mix the ingredients. Once they are combined, you can begin refilling your flower pots. This recipe has everything covered.  I am so ready to make some potting soil! It has been six months since the weather has been 50* A very long winter for us in Northern Wisconsin. Any way you choose to mix your soil will definitely improve the depleted nutrition, your plants will thrive again this Summer. Best of luck and Happy Gardening! 2/25/2018 I am going to try this. It all makes sense to me.

We Have You Covered With These Garden Watering Tools

Maintaining green lawns, lush flowerbeds, or productive vegetable gardens usually means homeowners need to give Mother Nature a little boost. Proper watering tools including watering cans, hoses, sprinklers, and related accessories can make managing water levels a lot easier. Be sure to buy the right tool for the job: That 25-foot hose may seem like a bargain until it can’t reach those farthest garden rows, and a tiny indoor watering can. Will not have the capacity for all those outdoor planters. When buying a garden hose, do not buy the cheap ones. Garden hoses are a necessity to all gardeners. Hoses are in the watering tool category and, as with any job, it is essential to select the proper watering tool for the job. Using Hoses in the Garden There are also specific uses for specific garden hoses. Sprinkler hoses are capped at one end and water is then forced out of little holes along the gardening hose. Sprinkler hoses are often used for watering lawns or new planting beds. Soaker hoses are made from a porous material that allows water too slowly seep into the root zones of newly planted beds. The primary purpose of flat garden hoses is secure storage.

1.  Our 50 ft. Garden Hose Vinyl, 5 Ply garden products reflects designs that are current or en vogue. It doesn't necessarily reference historical design styles and often provides a feeling of everything in its place. They are named for its high quality, durability, stability and withstanding capacity for generations. We offer unique, creative and innovative, inspiring designs, luxurious look texture for all kind of space and variety of selections for shopping.

2.  Our Hi-Rise Spike Sprinkler products
Reflects this Hi-Rise Spike sprinkler is fantastic! It took about 10 seconds to adjust the water pressure to the amount we needed for our size garden, and we were done. This waters from the very center of the sprinkler out to all sides. There are some top holes in the arms and a top slot in the very center. This is the one. I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this sprinkler for a home garden.... some of the best money I ever spent! If you have large areas of water? Try this sprinkler out.

3.  100 ft. Xpanding Hose - Green If you have not tried one of these hoses you are missing out. We use ours on the deck for easy watering. It is not like the traditional hose, it has a green coat, which makes itself looks more beautiful and attractive. It's made of Natural latex tube & Dacron, which is Environmental and Non Toxic. The amazing expandable hose. Turn on the water and watch this mini hose grow to a maximum length full-size hose! Super light and easy to handle. When you turn off the water to the Pocket Hose, it shrinks back to its original size. Perfect for gardens, terraces, patios, windows and more, you turn on the water and watch the Hose grow and grow and grow! Car Washing, Watering Flowers / Vegetables, Washing Windows/Walls/Floor/Fish Tank, garden, RV, pool, boat, etc. Indoor use is a breeze, excellent for filling the hot tub too. 

4.  • Perfect For The Homeowner and Ideal For General Purpose Spraying, Gardening Applications, and Pest Control, Durable 24 Inch Poly Wand, and Shut-Off Valve Assembly
45 Inch Pvc Hose, and Easy-To-Fill Funnel Top
Large Pump Handle With A Built-In Wand Retainer, and Pressure Relief Valve Plastic Adjustable and Flat Nozzles. I use this tool a lot of pest and fungus control.

5.   Tough Cleaning Sharp Stream, Rinsing Full Flow and Cone Spray Put Quality In The Palm Of Your Hand, Heavy Duty, Full Size, Die Cast Zinc Body, Brass Valve Stem, Stainless Steel Spring, Heavy Duty, Full Size, Hold Open Clip For Continuous Spraying, Self Adjusting Duck Packing For Lifetime Leak Proof Seal. Simple design a little vegetable oil on the rubber o-ring from time to time to keep it lubricated and soft, front and back.

7.  If you're looking for a serious sprinkler you can still count on several years from now, try this pulsating sprinkler from the Melnor Heritage line. It is built of durable, non-corrosive, all-metal parts and is guaranteed by Melnor for as long as seven years. The base is constructed of durable zinc, heavily coated, and sealed in Green enamel. This model covers a maximum radius of 42.5 feet or 5,600 square feet in a circular shape. The sprinkler adjusts to water anywhere between 20 degrees to a full 360 degrees. You can lower the stream to cut spray radius down for smaller watering jobs. With this capacity and versatility, you should be able to cover most yard sizes and shapes in just a couple of passes. If you've got a large yard and plan on keeping it green for a long time to come, this sprinkler is worth considering. It is backed by a 7-year limited warranty.

8.  Get to the root of your garden and flower beds with the Miracle-Gro Soaker Hose. Create a customized irrigation system with this easy cut-n-connect hose that allows you to control and customize the watering of your garden, vegetables, and flower beds.
This innovative system delivers moisture straight to the roots, where the water is needed most. This soaker hose system is made of 65% recycled materials and uses up to 70% less water than standard hoses.

I hope I have given you some insight into gardening water tools. you have to spend a little more for peace of mind. This is not an area to skimp, you will benefit in the long run. I too have learned the hard way by being thrifty. Pay a little more to get years of dependability, it is worth it $$$$. I am going to discuss watering cans next. Spring is trying to make it's presence in the North woods of Wisconsin, still below freezing at night it will be a while yet. I usually plant after Memorial day, because of the frost factor. Happy Gardening to all! 4/25/2018

Which Garden Hand Hoe Is Right For You? Let's Explain: Part 2

Garden Hand Hoe: Part 2

I researched a little deeper this week. Always in search of good tools to make gardening much more pleasant and less stressful, if there is such a thing? I am happy eight days, and vegetable plants are sprouting. All hoes have the same basic structure and purpose: a long handle with a paddle, blade, or stirrup at the end, typically at an angle to the handle. As I have found not all hoes are created equal. The uses for hoes are to cultivate the garden soil and to remove weeds. Even with this basic design, there are a few variations, and using hoes in the garden successfully means choosing the right one: for your needs, Paddle, or Draw, hoe. The basic gardening hand hoe goes by many names, including paddle, draw, chopping. These are excellent general hoe that can help you dislodge weeds by the root or mound and shape soil. You can find versions of this with smaller paddles for tight spaces and in lighter weights. If you aren’t sure how to use a hoe that is more specialized, this is an excellent place to start. Read more about Gardening Know How: Different Garden Hoes – Learn How To Use A Hoe For Gardening Stirrup hoe. While the paddle hoe is usually used by pulling it back or making a chopping motion, you can use the stirrup with a back-and-forth motion that helps to dig out stubborn weeds without displacing a lot of soil. I like the paddle hoe, must be modified to a slim blade easier to slide through the soil no chopping for me.  The paddle or blade on this type of hoe is long and thin. This hoe is designed to weed in narrow spaces, and the blade rides parallel to the surface of the soil. Because of the angle of the blade, you can use it without bending over, which is excellent for the back. I have found five more hoes to explore; I will let you check them out and see what you think? 

1. Weed Shredder
The weed shredder the tool with teeth. Back and forth motion shreds weeds. Made of tempered spring steel. Two different sizes the long one measures 54-inch handle and the short measures 13 inch handle the blades on both measures 5 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches. Made in the USA

2. Japanese Ika Hoe
The Japanese Ika Hoe is a personal favorite for weeding around perennials including small fruit trees, shrubs, and medicinal herbs.   It is also well suited to prepping an area (weeding, working in compost, etc.) that is too small to allow a full-length tool.
It also makes quick transplant holes for veggie starts or bulbs.
The flat blade is suitable for scraping off weeds just below the surface, while the three prongs excel when you want to remove roots as well.   Small bunch grasses can be popped out like a lever.
   Fully forged from a single piece of steel, there are no welds to break.  The wedge left protruding can be tapped in incrementally if the head begins to get loose.  This one is very sturdy and an excellent value for the price.

3. Heavy Duty Garden Hoe
This is our original Rogue Hoe design, and we're still proud of it. The head is 7" wide and sharp on three sides for working in tighter areas. This hoe has a heavier head and heftier handle (1 3/8") than the other garden hoes. For those who want to move more dirt -- it's an excellent choice. It's a favorite for men but used by many ladies as well. I found these doing my research, I am going to get one the perfect hoe, just how I would use a hoe, sharp with pointed corners for getting in tight areas.

An heirloom hand-forged garden tool from Korea with a specially designed 7" steel blade. The curvature of the pointed blade allows the soil to be thrown to the side like a plow which makes it easier to dig holes and trenches. The edges of the blade are used to level, mound, loosen soil, and cover seeds. Wood handle. 60" overall. 

5. Pull Hoe (6 inches) by Sneeboer
A customer favorite, this garden pull hoe by Sneeboer has a traditional hoe shape and is a tried and true weed killer. The sharp edge of this garden hoe has a unique angle allowing it to slice right through weeds and leave the surface clean. The stainless steel blade is strong enough for hardest of soils. This pull hoe is hand-forged from stainless steel and fitted with a long, back saving, Ash hardwood handle from FSC Certified forests. Very well-crafted hoe, I would love to have this in my tool collection. I found more, enough for a 3rd article but that enough, for now, you get it. I look forward to seeing weeds again. This turned into a very interesting topic. If there is such a thing this hoe is sexy! 4/5/2018

A Gardener's Haven: Ideas For Neatly Storing Your Garden Tools In the Garage

If you're a gardener, then you probably enjoy time outside creating a beautiful garden that you can be proud of. After all, tasty fruits, vegetables, and herbs, fragrant and beautiful flowers and foliage, and verdant greenery are some of the hallmarks of a successful garden that many people can enjoy. But if you want to have such a successful garden, then you also need the tools to plant and maintain it. You want your supplies and tools to be organized, easy to find, and you want them to be maintained so as to avoid rust and other damage. If you are a gardener who needs help creating the perfect storage and organization system for your garden tools, read on for a few tips.

A Garden Tool Utility Sink

Say goodbye to dirty, rusty tools by utilizing a sink. Keeping your garden tools clean is part of keeping gardening tools organized and maintained, so if you have the space, consider adding a sink in your garage. You will be able to wash the dirt off of all of your tools quickly and efficiently.

Wire Bins
Garden storage doesn't need to be a chore when you have the right type of bins. Plastic-coated wires is a great option because you can easily see what is in each of your bins. They also make an annual clean-up a snap because they wash off easily and dry quickly.

Magnetic Storage

For both shed and garage storage, a magnetic strip is an ideal way to store small, sharp tools, such as pruning shears. Not only will your tools be more organized, but they will also be less of a hazard for you or anyone else who uses that space.

Tool Hanger

Who wants to be constantly picking up hoes, rakes, and shovels that topple over every time someone closes the garage door? A tool hanger will ensure that long-handled items are always neatly organized on the walls, and you'll feel better knowing that no one will trip over them.

Image Credit: Immaculate Garage

Storage Shelves

If you're like a lot of gardeners, your storage shed might be just a corner of your garage. To optimize you space for your garden tools, install the large shelves, but don't shy away from also using smaller shelving for spaces that are more cramped. Seed packets and small tools, such as a trowel, are often best stored in smaller spaces so they don't get lost among your larger items. Get stacking bins for small tools and hooks for larger ones. 

When your garden supply area is neatly organized, you will have more time to spend in your garden. That means that there will be more fragrant flowers, fruits, and vegetables to enjoy. And you'll also have more time to spend with friends and family who can enjoy them with you.

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