Get A Grip On These Handles

Get A Grip On These Handles

Jeremiah Carter established the Company in Highburton in 1740. Business flourished, and in 1850 Jeremiah's great, great grandson, Richard Carter, relocated the Company to Dene Works in Kirkburton, which was to become our home for the next 150 years.

It was at these premises where it became clear our future lay in shovel manufacturing; and in 1870 the Carter Shovel was developed for the rapidly expanding coal mining industry, which was fuelling the Industrial Revolution.

Soon after Richard Carter Ltd was incorporated in 1909, World War I broke out and demand tools increased dramatically. Every week, thousands of tools were sent via Kirkburton village railway station to the troops on the front line. Indeed, history repeated itself several years later than World War II placed an even greater demand for our services.

The 1970s saw the beginning of the decline of the Nationalised Coal and Steel Industries and this forced us to seek new markets. This was so successful that, despite many alterations to the Kirkburton premises during the 1980s, we outgrew Dene Works and began the search for a new home.

Eventually, in 1999 we moved again to Neiley Works in Honley. The new premises gave us the opportunity to embrace state of the art manufacturing techniques which, combined with our heritage, enabled us to innovate our product design and enhance quality.

It has been three centuries since our founder, Jeremiah Carter, had the vision and courage to start his Company. The Carter family, are proud of the fact that we still own and run Richard Carter Ltd. We are prouder still of the people who work here, many of who have done so for many years, and how far we have come together. Some may see tradition and innovation as unlikely bedfellows, but for us, they are what we stand for.

Shock safe handles provide full conformity to the exacting specifications of theBS8020. Double protection created by twin laters of sealed polymer sheathing over the fiberglass core.Uniquely numbered and individually certified providing full traceability guaranteeing full conformity to live cable working specifications 
This Y or D style handle is made of a single piece of ash. Primarily. All their Y &D handles are lacquered for that traditional feel. used for garden tools.
Moulded from high impact polypropylene for increased comfort and Ergonomic PYD helps reduce strain on the hands and wrist by keeping the wrist in a neutral position, while in use.
Fibre Max Pro Handle is designed for extremely heavy duty industrial use. Chemically bonded into solid socket tools, these shafts are 30% stronger than "All Metal" types. Fiberglass shafts have excellent structural properties and will not warp or rust in extreme conditions
Shaped Crutch-T This is a plainer and more economical type of T-grip. The handle is not as intricately contoured as the barrel grip. But being mortised and tenoned and glued, it does possess the same strength characteristics.
 Tubular all Steel This type of handle is mainly used for contractors and heavy industrial tools. They weld the steel handles into the body of the shovel socket for extra strength and rigidity, producing a very strong and robust tool for digging.
 Poly Fibro The poly fiber style of handle is designed to offer the workman a high degree of fiberglass strength along with the comfort of the profile Moulded PYD hand grip. The pultruded fiberglass is coated with an injection molded polypropylene sheathing creating strength and stability.

Barrel Crutch This is a plainer and more economic type of T-Grip. The handle is not as intricately contoured as the shaped grip, but being morticized, tenon and glued, it does possess all the strength characteristics

I was looking for something interesting to write about. I went about ten pages back on google for garden tools. Something unique something different. This company caught my eye and the history was overwhelming. I like stories about the little guys. Their story is great and the tools they build are quite nice also. I only scratched the surface on what they manufacture, but if you would like to check out the rest of their products here is a link
Todd Attoe and his love for gardening and getting into garden tools. I am always looking for some tool to make the job easier and less stressful in your gardening experience. I have been an avid gardener all of my life. For the gardening enthusiast, having quality tools and gardening accessories makes the outdoor experience all that more rewarding. Tools that are manufactured to higher specifications are more reliable and will perform better than the ones of the lesser standard, and with a minimum of maintenance. In addition, the time spent on repairing inexpensive or substandard instruments is all but eliminated, and as a result, the garden receives more quality attention. Unique garden tools brought to you by Hand tools, garden supplies, pots and planters, power tools and composting supplies.1/1/2018

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