What Every Gardener Needs The Garden Tool List

It is only January and I have the itch to be digging in the soil, we only have 4 months to go. Hurry up spring.
Below is a garden tools list made up of suggestions of garden tools that many gardeners would find valuable.
For most gardens, most gardeners find that long-handled tools are useful not only in saving them from backaches but also for cultivating plants in the least amount of time. Purchasing long-handled tools will save you a lot of headaches. Look for tried and tested materials such as thick carbon or stainless-steel tools.
Digging Fork
First in our garden tools list is the digging fork. Some would name this a gardener’s favorite tool, however, it is fairly your soil’s good friend. This is great for up turning the soil, for aeration, and for mixing vitamins and minerals into the soil.
Digging Spade
Another tool in our garden tools list is the digging spade. This tool is good for digging, turning the soil, soil aeration and its straight blade also makes it a good edging instrument.
Garden Hoes
The unending battle with weeds can be tackled with a hoe or cultivator. This is why garden hoes are also on our garden tools list.  There are many head shapes available and most gardeners want pull hoes, diamond-shaped hoes that work with push and pull strokes, Dutch hoes, scuffle hoes, oscillating hoes, half-moon hoes and heart-shaped hoes. Many gardeners own several hoes for weeding between plantings, for cleaning up areas within crop rows and for creating seed furrows.
Garden Rake
Should you be making a new backyard garden or adding to a current plot, the rake is best for leveling soil and clearing debris on the ground.
Pruning shears also called hand pruners, or secateurs, are a form of scissors for use on flowers. They are sturdy and sufficient to prune difficult branches of trees and shrubs, occasionally up to two centimeters thick.
Loppers are a bigger, long-handled version for branches thicker than pruning shears can cut.
There are 3 one-of-a-kind blade designs for pruning shears: anvil, pass, and parrot-beak.
Bypass Pruners
Bypass pruners are precisely like a couple of scissors, with two blades “passing by” each other to make the cut. At least one of the blades might be curved: a convex upper blade with both concave and a straight lower one. Some skip designs have one blade, the lower jaw being wide (like an anvil) but passing the higher jaw. The ratchet pruner, that could manage stems that are thicker, fits in this class.
Hori Hori Knife
This gardener’s favorite tool is good for gentle digging, weeding, planting and so much more. Buy one that comes with a sheath and have it by your side.
A Hori-Hori referred to as a “soil knife” or a “weeding knife”, is a heavy serrated multi-purpose steel blade for gardening jobs together with digging or reducing. The blade is sharp on each aspect and comes to a semi-sharp point on the end.
Wheelbarrow or Garden Cart
I have a garden cart for my lawn tractor. This is used to carry your garden supplies to and fro the garden. It will save you time and effort.
A good trowel will be able to handle all your planting needs
Water Hose
Do not skimp on a garden hose, get a good quality water hose that does not break easily and you will save yourself a lot of problems. Spend the money and get a top quality hose that will last for a few years.
Gardening can be hard on your hands as a result hand wounds because of thorns and splinters. Choose a durable pair of gloves that can last for many years. It should also not feel bulky to wear; you should store them away from sun, water, and insects.
Every now and then you will have anything in your garden that needs to be lopped. This may be in the form of trees or shrubs, so you will definitely need a pair of loppers. These loppers are able to remove branches at around two inches in diameter, so keep them around in your shed.
Garden Shed
I almost forgot you need a place to store all these tools. There are thousands of sheds on the market today. Take care of your tools they will give you many  years of good service

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