Lawn and Garden Tractors

Compare the different types of riding lawn mowers you can choose which one is right to maintain your yard and garden. You might consider a rider for 1/2 acre and more. You've already done the difficult stuff. Seeding. Watering. Fertilizing. Now the fun begins...
harvesting your hard work while getting a sun-tan There's no reason to outsource your lawn mowing if you purchase the proper equipment in the first place.basically, there are three types of lawn mowers designed to efficiently cut grass.
   The size of your lawn is a factor in choosing a riding mower. More powerful mowers with larger cut widths handle large areas more efficiently and allow you to spend less time mowing. You should also consider the type of terrain — whether it's level or hilly — and the obstacles — such as trees and flower beds — you need to work around. If your lawn is 1/2 acre or smaller, consider a push mower.
In addition to different size mowers, you can choose between different types and find a machine that works best for your landscape and the type of work you need to do.                                                       

   Walk-Behind MowersWalk Behind Lawn Mowers
Ideal for small- to mid-sized suburban lawns, walk-behind mowers come in a variety of flavors: reel, electric, cordless or gas-powered.

Whether you're looking for eco-friendliness or comfort and convenience, there's a style to meet your needs.
   Riding MowersRiding Mowers
If you've got a larger property or just don't want to walk, a riding lawnmower is a terrific choice. With cutting widths ranging from 26" - 66", you can cut a lot of grass in a little time.

There are four different styles of riding mowers: rear engine riders, lawn, and garden tractors, and zero turn mowers.

Tow-Behind MowersTow Behind Mower
Whether you're mowing the fairways of a golf course or taming the wild brambles of an overgrown field, a tow-behind mower is a perfect companion to your existing ATV or tractor.

Towable mowers come in several styles: gang reel mowers, trail mowers, and trail cutters.

Lawn tractors have a traditional design and operate with a steering wheel. They work well for lawns from 1/2 acre to 2 acres or more. With optional attachments, you can bag clippings and leaves, haul landscaping materials, spread seed and — with some models —
areate, dethatch, and remove snow.

ZTR mowers, also known as zero-turn mowers can navigate a variety of obstacles; these mowers feature front caster wheels that pivot at sharper angles than lawn or garden tractors. You control a typical ZTR with a pair of lap bars or levers rather than a steering wheel, although some models do feature a traditional steering wheel. While a ZTR mower doesn't handle the variety of tasks a tractor does, it has a higher forward speed for open areas and can cut closely around flower beds, trees, and landscaping.

Many riding mowers can help you maintain your landscape not only during mowing season but year-round. Lawn tractors and garden tractors use a wider range of attachments than ZTR mowers, but capabilities vary by model. Make sure you know what a mower can handle before you make your purchase. Here are some ideas to make the most of your riding mower:
Take care of your landscape in the spring by rolling out uneven spots, spreading fertilizer, hauling plants and mulch and bagging early growth. If you have a warm-season lawn, aerate the soil, dethatch the turf and spread seed.
During summer, bag clippings when the grass grows too tall and mulch the rest of the time. Add a canopy for shade while you mow.
Rejuvenate your yard in the fall by sweeping leaves, spreading fertilizer and — in cool-season lawns — aerating, dethatching and spreading seed.
Haul away winter debris and clear snow from sidewalks and driveways.

All types of riding mowers require regular maintenance to run correctly and efficiently. See How to Maintain a Riding Mower for an idea of some of the procedures you need to follow to keep a riding mower in top shape.
Part of maintaining a mower is fueling it properly. Follow the manufacturer's requirements and read Fueling Power Equipment for tips on keeping your machine running properly.

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