Greenhouses By Design

Greenhouse design   

Hoop Design- Why not just build a PVC hoop greenhouse right over your garden? This method can ensure that you keep your plants a little longer than winter allows.This method can be easily built and taken down, Which is really nice for gardeners who want to extend their growing season.

Wood Framed greenhouse-You can buy cedar framed greenhouse kit and build it where ever you would like. With this design, you are guaranteed that it will fit right into your garden environment. Wood is an attractive design for any for the household.

Lean- to Greenhouses-This style is incredibly affordable and quick to assemble. This design is great to put on the south side of your house or garage for that matter. They create heat. Although they are somewhat small, they are ideal for the beginner and novice just the same.

Victorian Style Greenhouse-This design is by far the most popular. If you would like to create the perfect growing environment for your plants. This design will look great in any yard.This design is available in wood and aluminum. no matter which one you choose it will look beautiful in any location.
Greenhouses are available in many different styles and sizes. no matter how big or small there is a size and
style for everyone.
 Let us Talk About the basics of How they Work
Planting-Greenhouses are ideal for starting seed. You would plant seeds in flats. They will be off the ground at waist height in order for you to monitor their progress. Keeping the soil warm and moist.
   Use a good soil mixture of !/3 compost 1/3 garden soil and 1/3 sand it must be fine textured and crumbly. Plant according to the seed packet instructions.
Misting-When the temperature rises the humidity drops, if it drops below 30% it will suck the moisture out of the leaves of the plants.Misting systems are ideal in order to combat this situation. This system allows you to increase germination, growth rate, control disease, and plant stress. You need to keep the humidity level at 90%.
  Greenhouse Fogging-Because of the damp environment can cause mold and disease. This method allows the plants to pl air and moister through their leaves. With this system, your plants will be healthier, and propagation and germination will be improved.
  Lighting-It seems like there are a million choices when it comes to lighting, including incandescent grow bulbs, high output T5, standard T12 fluorescent horticultural tubes, and high-intensity HID grow lights. just to name a few. Adding extra lighting will give you stronger and healthier seed starts. The plants will mature faster and will be more vigorous, plant health will extremely benifices improve. You will see the benefits to increase the health, strength, growth rate and yield to your plants.
  Watering-Make sure that you give your plants the correct amount of water. with freshly planted seedlings give them a light misting at first. Make sure that the soil is damp, keep it damp but not soggy. If you see moss you are watering too much. Plants in a greenhouse will not need as much watering due to the humidity in the air.
  Fertilizer-Soil mixtures today contain the nutrients for the initial stages of plant growth. As the nutrients deplete you will need to supplement them with a balanced blend of nutrients - You need to monitor the temperature carefully and consistently. Temperature -  Check the temperature at plant height. your greenhouse must not go above 80 degrees. To control this situation you must have ventilation fan at both ends. This will allow you to regulate the temperature greenhouse design

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