Garden Tool Basics

  • Small hand tools-A few small hand tools to buy would be garden scissors, hand hoes, hand sickles, trowels, saws, pruning shears, rakes, shovels, and watering tools- ergonomically designed tools might be a little more expensive but they will make your gardening experience a little more enjoyable. For the best selection at Long Handle Tools-Digging spade, digging fork, rakes, if at all possible buy all steel tools. Stainless steel tools, the higher quality material ensure your tools will last a long time. Stainless steel is extremely durable and rust resistant. It is no wonder why so many gardening experts recommend stainless steel garden tools. Watering Tools-A good watering can is a necessity in every garden. Go for watering cans that can be easily tilted, maneuvered and balanced in one hand. Sprinklers are just as important to sustaining plant life in a larger area. Soaker hoses are a simplistic way to water plants. the new and improved soaker hoses allow you to sprinkle on one side and soak on the other you get the best of both worlds. Do not forget a good quality 50' to 100' garden hose the extra expense is well worth it. Pots and Planters-Growing vegetables in pots and planters is possible, some that grow easily and produce heavily in containers. Whether long narrow, tall and wide, large pots and planters they will get the job done. Pots and planters are eye-catching statement pieces and can act as a focal point to build a space around. The selection of outdoor planters offers the minimalist the taste of clean edges, and muted colors, fit seamlessly into traditional design schemes with classic shapes and colors. Or you can add pops of bright color and interesting shapes to contemporary decor. These elegant, luxurious large planter pots are ideal for a landscape artist, interior designer or discerning homeowner who values quality and style. The choices are endless. Composting-I still does it the old fashion way three large stalls where I rotate one to the next every year. but nowadays the composting bin has gone wild. there so many choices, rotating compost bins, plastic or wood they get the job done faster and more efficiently. As little as thirty days you too can have wonderful compost.Check out the composters at Garden Accessories-Accessories for the vegetable gardener including cloches, row covers, plant ties, garden clips and soil test kits. Nowadays there are millions of garden accessories Where to begin, I have tried a lot of these new creations and products every accessory I have tried has lived up to expectations. Thanks to technology, there is a new accessory every day.Accessories for the vegetable gardener include clutches, row covers, plant ties, and soil test kits.Accessories for the raised bed gardener, include hoop covers, liners, trellises and even drip systems. Accessories for the home gardener consist of garden cloth, Trellises, watering accessories hand tools and much more today we are so fortunate to have so many options to make our lives simpler take advantage of these products. I always say work smarter not harder. With four screws in my back, I have to really work smarter. A lot slower these days. Garden accessories really help me succeed at my Gardening. Hobby Greenhouses-We is starting out with small greenhouses for needs. These compact models are for beginner's and professionals alike. Easy to set up and maintain. We live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin where we only have about three months of growing season so I start all my plants in a snap and grow greenhouse. no need for a heater. This 8'x16' greenhouse creates plenty of heat during the day to warm the soil well above 65 degrees. Full sunlight I reached 80 degrees when it is 45 degrees outside.Get a jump the season with a small greenhouse. Do check out our greenhouses at Tillers-Help you dig, churn, and turn dirt for a healthy flower bed, garden, and lawn. Their durable construction keeps them running forever and ever. We have a 1965 Troy built tiller. I have been using for ten years now. We found it in somebodies old garden plot, overgrown with weeds. stopped and asked if we could have it, they gave it to us I put a Briggs and Stratton 12 horse on it and has been tilling our garden ever since. I have had tremendous luck with the Mantis tiller also. first, I purchased the 2 cycle mantis tiller it also still performs well to this day. This tiller was getting tired and had a lot of carburetor problems. So I opted for the 4 Cycle Mantis Tiller. This is by far the best little garden tiller ever. Lots of power, a really big help with my gardening. I would not be able to garden without these tools. Because of my back surgery.I will try to find the best tiller for your needs. Shop today!

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